Get involved

Ways to get involved: 

  • Share & use online resources including putting up bathroom activism stickers, sharing inclusive media list, reposting social media posts, and more.
  • Join or Start a GSA club on campus and connect with us for resources, public speaking, and maybe more. Email us!
  • Sign up to volunteer locally or remotely. Commitment levels vary. More info below.
  • Email us about board membership. 

Volunteer options: 

NOTES: Commitment and capacity levels are extremely relative. These low/medium/high markings are based on relation to the other options listed here, not necessarily how it might feel for any one person at a given time. We are all different and we encourage you to assess your current levels when reaching out.
This is also why we included ‘expected’ length when volunteering in these roles. They can be adapted.
Finally, we include roles rather than asking very specific skills. You don’t need a certain level of experience, just a willingness to learn and passion for queer activism. If the roles interest you of a certain category, that’s enough to reach out to us!


Commitment Level: Low. sign up on a one-off basis as events come up. This is great for those with varying schedules or capacities. Only take one what you can handle and have interest in.
Capacity Level:depends on the event

Roles may include:setting up decorations or chairs, greeting people, taking photos and videos, handing out resources, and/or similar tasks.
Length: 2-4 hours for smaller events, 4-8 for shows. However, it’s also possible to only volunteer for a section of the event and lower that time.

Social Media.

Commitment Level: Medium
Capacity Level: Low to Medium

Format:Fully remote, option for local but not necessary
Roles may include:Create video content from clips sent to you as well as clips you make, create simple Canva graphics using brand templates, edit and post photo/video, caption, and post on a schedule for TikTok, Instagram, and potentially 1-2 more platforms depending on time and capacity.
Length:expected 3-5 hours / week, unless split between 2 people.

Online resources creation & management.

Commitment Level: Low
Capacity Level:Low

Format: Fully remote
Roles may include:updating resources with new links, checking and adding accessibility measures, creating new resources such as template letters for our bathroom activism initiative, and if desired, blog/article posts similar to our bathroom activism doc (see home page for current resources)
Length: expected once or twice a month for a few hours